The services we provide give us the tools to optimize the healthcare chain on behalf of our clients. By focusing on results, we can lower your costs while improving the quality of your services. Using our experience to bring about change, we provide dynamic direction to people — and, as a result, to their entire organization. In so doing, we offer a sense of calm and stability which are so necessary in achieving the desired results.

Strategy Development

At the average care organization, focus, optimized operations, and cost savings are most important to improving operating results. Impology develops strategies in line with your vision and operational processes. Based on these strategies, improvements to effectiveness (doing the right thing) and improvements to efficiency (doing things right) all fall into place.

Improving Care, Quality, and Efficacy

Using the Kobetsu Kaizen (継続的改善) philosophy — Japanese for “continuous improvement" — we at Impology help our clients to convert change into tangible and lasting improvement. Implementing new strategies translates into big changes for people, equipment, processes — possibly even for the entire organizational structure. Impology has more than twenty years of experience performing objective analyses and setting up well-structured business cases: justifying the improvement process with a view to the best possible way of achieving the desired result. This makes it possible to effect the correct changes — and implement them correctly!

Management Development and Interim Management

It is important to evaluate and develop your human capital if you want to play a successful role in the health care sector.

Change requires explicit control. In a process such as this, it makes sense to develop the management team’s required competencies to the best of its abilities. Furthermore, emergencies, special projects, or the sudden departure of a leading figure can result in an unexpected overload. Impology has more than fifteen years in management development and in filling the gaps that threaten to arise — all with success.