Who we are

The Art of Change

Impology is a consulting agency offering support in acquiring insight and creating policy to ensure your organization’s future growth and success. To that end, we help you by developing practical strategic scenarios. At Impology we attach considerable importance to our independence, sincerity, and client focus. We want to continue to make an impact on the health care sector. As a result, we act more as business people than as advisors, and our clients become our business partners. We offer our knowledgeand know-how about how best to optimize your business operations and implement change successfully. We offer our clients in-depth medical and business expertise regarding their particular segment within the health care sector. By joining forces with our clients, we co-create your future.

Impology assists health care organizations by setting up their business processes more effectively and efficiently to achieve tangible improvements based on solid business cases. Impology has a single aim — to develop creative, effective, and lasting solutions that fit your specific context seamlessly. For us, a clear understanding, a suitable strategy, and insight into the deployment of human and material resources all constitute the foundations of a meticulous and successful process of change within the semi-public domain of health care.

If you can’t do it the way it should be done, then do it any way you can.

While Impology has the ability to reduce complex issues to understandable models, we are well aware that the real world is not as simple as streamlined models might reflect. We don’t limit ourselves to the bottom line and the organizational consequences of our recommendations. We also consider personal and societal progress — collective human capital contribution — to be of equal importance. What is more, at Impology, we invest in our professionals and, to that end, we provide the knowledgeand know-how that will benefit you. We identify with the health care sector. It’s a people industry